The Mind Body Connection

Feed your destiny, not your history.

All consults follow-up a free 30 minute health history questionnaire that we go over in person or on the phone

Comprehensive Consultation

Is information about nutrition and health a source of fear and panic for you? Let’s focus on your health and your goals. This consultation will help me understand you and your needs surrounding food and nutrition. Whether you are a sugar addict or generally a good eater, your meeting starts from where you currently are, then supports and guides to where you would like to be. What’s covered? General healthy eating tips, understanding food allergies, and dietary restrictions. If you are beyond frustrated with what to eat on a specific diet, this consultation will get you right on track. You will leave your appointment inspired and motivated to start your new journey.

Follow up Appointments

Supplement your initial comprehensive consultation and momentum with this 50-minute session designed to take you to the next level of enrichment.

The Kitchen Overhaul and
No-Stress at the Supermarket

This appointment includes time to de-clutter and clean out most importantly, the pantry and refrigerator. Reading labels and avoiding bad choices will reinforce your goals. This one-time session in your kitchen and the supermarket will have you on your way. If you are sick of not knowing what to buy or how to read a label, remember this; if you cannot pronounce the ingredient, it’s probably in your best interest to pass it up. Know when your food is at its best. Seasonal and organic shopping is encouraged. Ask about a trip to your local farmer’s market to reap the benefits of locally sourced food.

Private Cooking Lessons

Mise en place (pronounced meez ahn plas) is a wonderful French cooking term that literally translates to 'put in place'. The purpose of mise en place is to allow the chef to cook in the most efficient way without having to stop.

If you generally don’t know your way around your own kitchen and have trouble getting it all-together when it comes to prep and the final outcome, The Kitchen Overhaul and No-Stress at the Supermarket is highly recommended in addition to cooking lessons


The Whole Approach

When finished with the yo-yo dieting and confusion surrounding ultimate health goals, the food we should eat, and the preparation involved in getting back on track, this two-month program will have anyone on a better road. This program has us meeting every other week (including initial comprehensive consultation) to get you more focused.

The Whole Approach includes:
- Understanding what a healthy relationship with food looks like
- Efficiently preparing the best meals for needs
- Shopping and menu planning without stress

The 6 Month Program

Meet every other week for 6 months on a designated day that is agreed upon by client and myself. Each 50 minute session will provide structure and clarity for what is next. We preselect topics prior to each meeting and always complete a Revisit form prior to each session for optimal efficiency of our time together.

College Prep

A clear understanding of why eating nutritious food is so important.
Sending your child away to college is a crucial and grand step into their adult life, but are they truly aware of their nutritional needs, reading labels, budgeting cash for food, and making those proper choices?

Adult Group Support 90/10

A clear understanding of why eating nutritious food is so important. As a group, we will follow what I call the plant-based 90/10 based lifestyle 3-week challenge. Are you truly aware of your nutritional needs, reading labels, and making proper choices for you and your family? Try a Corporate Challenge at work (Are you tired of the afternoon slump?)

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