"Let food be thy medicine"- Hippocrates

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My continuing education at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition has allowed me to take wellness and overall health to a new level.  As an integrative wellness educator I offer a supportive and safe space for my clients to communicate, discover and improve that inner wisdom (we all posses) to focus, give clarity to and achieve whatever burdens their overall health. As a trained culinary chef who specializes in optimal nutrition I merge both to create a unique process to ensure progress with any goals.

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As a wellness educator my role is goal is to assist my clients in reaching their own personal health goals. Look around and read more of the services offered.


Comprehensive Consultation

Is information about nutrition and health a source of fear and panic for you? Let’s focus on your health and your goals.


Private Cooking Lessons

If you generally don’t know your way around your own kitchen and have trouble getting it all-together when it comes to prep and the final outcome, 


The 6 Month Program

Meet every other week for 6 months on a designated day that is agreed upon by client and myself. Each 50 minute session will provide structure and clarity for what is next. 

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