"Let food be thy medicine"- Hippocrates

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What you put into your body is essential—but unless your digestive system can effectively process the fuel, even the most nutritious foods go to waste or cause digestive issues.

Our resilient gut microbiome is fundamental to harmony and balance of cognitive and physical functions. Get back to basics and jumpstart optimal well-being with an integrative health coach and nutritional food chef Ellen Postolowki. With the Reset 90/10 plan, a supportive and comprehensive 3-week approach to healing body, mind, and spirit - Gut Driven highlights using food as medicine, on and off the plate, to reduce inflammation often associated with illness, chronic diseases, and autoimmune issues.

Become mindful of what “healthy” means to you by embracing that self-care goes beyond food, water, and exercise. What unfolds is the powerful healing associated with taking charge of yourself. The Maintenance program further emphasizes whole-food, nutrient-dense meals beyond the elimination phase for sustainable improved habits. Gut Driven is your foundation and stepping-stone to happiness.

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As a wellness educator my role is goal is to assist my clients in reaching their own personal health goals. Look around and read more of the services offered.


Comprehensive Consultation

Is information about nutrition and health a source of fear and panic for you? Let’s focus on your health and your goals.


Private Cooking Lessons

If you generally don’t know your way around your own kitchen and have trouble getting it all-together when it comes to prep and the final outcome, 


RESET 90/10™

Reset 90/10™ is part of the Gut Driven movement. Digestive and intestinal health is the key to avoiding chronic and autoimmune illnesses like SIBO, malabsorption, hormonal health, leaky gut, and candida. Stubborn weight could also be your body holding on to unwanted inflammation.

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