For many years, I’ve struggled with gut issues, fatigue and chronic pain. Up until two months ago when I started Reset 90/10.

Ellen, you have helped me so much and I cannot thank you enough. It was such a great program, having someone really listen to my issues and not just prescribe me medications.

Ellen supports how I'm feeling, what’s working and what’s not. I know how to read labels, make my own meals and understand the food we’re eating is so important to our health.

I now know what I’m sensitive to, what I should be eating and what to avoid. For two months now, I'm sticking to all kinds of better habits, and I can proudly say I will be from now on.

This program did not only help with my gut but it has increased my energy and positivity. I can now look forward to my days knowing I’m in a better place with my health and overall well-being. I look forward to cooking my meals and grocery shopping. It’s crazy 😅. Ellen thank you so much!!!!! It’s such a simple concept that everyone should follow. What we put in our bodies should be NATURAL. I’m finally saying goodbye to processed foods, medications, constipation, and fatigue. I embrace everything from Ellen’s program. Focusing on my body and mind. 🧘🏽‍♀️ THANK YOU


The three week reset 90/10 program was so helpful to me. I lost the bloated feeling I always have had. It made me realize foods that truly effect me, especially dairy and gluten. I thought I would miss certain foods and at first and it was really an adjustment for me. After two weeks something clicks in your head it really is a reset. Now that I am on maintenance I have incorporated some foods back into my diet but I would say I still only eat plant based foods 5 times a week. I feel better, have more energy, my skin is clearer. Ellen's recipes are delicious, healthy and filling. I really have enjoyed making them since I do love to cook. She is extremely knowledgeable about health and nutrition. I enjoyed speaking with her weekly and the articles she would send me were so helpful and interesting. I am grateful to have been through her program it really has changed the way I eat. She has been a wonderful health coach. Can't wait to do more courses with you!

Trish C

I have suffered from horrible migraines for the past twelve years, and I have taken a ton of medicine and supplements. Unfortunately, non of this has proved to alleviate the pain. I think the biggest thing I learned from Ellen is to listen to my body; it has the answers. I am the only one who truly knows when I eat something, how it makes me feel. This knowledge carries over into all parts of my life, not just my food. Ellen has helped me look at food in a new way. It's not just filling me up, so I'm not hungry, It's a source of nutrition, and it's my own body's medicine. I've learned food can be a tool used to starve harmful bacteria, such as Epstein Barre. I now look for food that is not processed but made with whole ingredients. I HATE to cook, and Ellen gave me easy options, a food list, and the best brands to buy. That was a huge help. I now read all food labels and google what I don't know. Ellen kept the program exciting throughout the three weeks; she was regularly sending me information and recipes to keep me excited about feeding my body good food. I am so grateful for Ellen's knowledge and passion for helping me feel my best.

Kim - Pompton Lakes, NJ

For months I considered starting  Ellen’s RESET 90/10 program but was afraid to take the leap.  When I finally made the decision to do so, my plan was to simply “lose a few pounds" before summer.   To my surprise, what I gained from Ellen’s program was so much more than I imagined.

To be on a plan that actually encouraged eating mostly fruits and vegetables was a game changer for me!  After years of following "low-carb" diets,  Ellen’s program helped me transition to a plant-based lifestyle, and I couldn't be happier.  My sleep has improved dramatically, and the afternoon energy slumps are a thing of the past.

Ellen is incredibly kind, supportive, and cares deeply about each and every one of her clients.  She was always available to answer my questions, and her weekly emails were insightful, motivating and uplifting.  I am truly grateful for knowing her,  and for embarking on this journey of meaningful change and discovery.  Thank you, Ellen!

Joanne S.

Working with Ellen was a definite eye-opener. Her knowledge and passion regarding gut health is evident after just one conversation. She really takes the time to get to know her clients and introduces many options to fit the ever changing schedules that exist. You will quickly fall in love with her calm demeanor, constant reassurance and encouragement. I really appreciated how Ellen always took the time to explain the science behind 90/10. You never feel alone in this process as she schedules weekly calls to discuss how the week went as well as setting goals for the week ahead.


I have known Ellen for years as a friend and client. From her extensive background in cooking and nutrition, I developed an interest in her program RESET 90/10. Her youthful mindset, dedication to her lifestyle, and knowledge of working with the whole-body mentality piqued an interest. I wanted in. The word “diet” was not something I wanted in my life. In the last several years, chronic stomach bloating, gas, irritability, anxiety, sleepless nights, and inflammation controlled how the day would unfold.

As the lifelong dream of mine started to unfold and a fitness center I partnered with was about to open, the opportunity to work with Ellen presented itself at the perfect time.

Ellen helped with keeping goals manageable. She brought a new awareness of the benefits of plant-based foods for me, specifically.

This journey started five weeks ago, and I never looked back. Ellen has been there every step of the way with weekly meetings, quick tips if needed, email support, valuable information, and amazing recipes. Since completing the RESET 90/10 program, this newly attainable lifestyle is here to stay.

The bloating, gas, irritability, and sleepless nights are in the past. The anxiety is also completely gone, as is the inflammation. Workouts have become smooth and effortless as the joint pain that held me back, no longer exists.

I am grateful for this new way of life Ellen has introduced. I am also confident that these changes will assist in living my best life.

Robyn (PURE IMPACT fitness)

As someone who has struggled with digestive issues for most of my adult life, working with Chef Ellen helped me manage my issues better.

Her tasty recipes never left me feeling like I was missing out on yummy foods or tasty treats. She also offers such incredible support. Her knowledge and laser-sharp focus with me personally had me confident that she genuinely cared. I highly recommend Chef Ellen and can see anyone benefiting from the 90/10 reset and maintenance program to refocus your relationship with food and nourishing your body. Food can heal us!

Daniela Musano @Araya Rebirth

The three-week 90/10 reset program was a game-changer for me regarding nutrition, energy, weight, and lifestyle. Ellen held me accountable for accomplishing my goal of rehabilitating a sugar and carb addict. The vegetarian recipes were delicious and filling. Ellen was a great nutritional coach during the 21-day program checking in weekly via cell phone, generating recipes, and sharing motivational antidotes a few times a week via email or cell phone. I finally started cooking for Darcy instead of Team Paul/Darcy. Highly recommend Ellen and 21 Day Reset 90/10™.

Darcy Linares

Thank YOU for organizing and developing RESET 90/10™. I'm sure when you see/hear results, this is your inspiration to keep educating others.

I can't tell you how much I love my mornings and look forward to the new routine. It's interesting how your body adapts/changes within the first week, and I didn't feel like I was sacrificing or depriving myself of what I used to love. After 21 days, it was as if my body was saying, "Ah, thank you, I'm happy now." I now understand that excuses aren't an option!

Much of what I used to eat constantly will now be in moderation, and I pay better attention to my body's responses to what nourishes me.

I can never thank you enough time for your coaching, education, support, emails, phone calls, positiveness, recipes, and instruction on being aware of my body signals. You've developed a unique and inspiring life-changing program that, I have no doubt, will spread rapidly!!

The Maintenance Program is also outstanding. I am embracing the transition, delicious recipes, and all my new lifestyle changes. Thank you for continuing to inspire me. I am forever grateful
Laura Camps

Ellen worked with my family for many years. She was such a joy to have
around. Her meals were always very healthy while still remaining delicious. She is very passionate and she takes great pride in her work. I believe Ellen has a gift. Not only is she an amazing chef but she is also an amazing person. I am so grateful for the time she spent with my children, introducing them to healthy foods and better snacking options. Ellen is someone that I will always call on when I need any catering done for small dinners or large parties. She always has great ideas, takes the initiative, and gets it done.

Joumana Kidd

I am a self proclaimed Foodie who happens to own a culinary academy for children. I love to cook and have never been satisfied with take out meals until Chef Ellen came into my life. She has introduced my family to new foods, various healthy and delicious options. I look forward to my delivery each week. It is truly my night off when Chef Ellen cooks for my family. I am so blessed to have her service. Her culinary and nutrition expertise are second to none.

Aimee Basa

I have known Ellen Postolowski for over 30 years. Our initial introduction was when she enrolled in a class I was teaching. After a short period of time, Ellen determined that she wanted to accelerate and intensify her experience. This commitment would not have been so unusual had she only been working, but that she was also venturing out on her own in the evenings and on weekends, on the career path she is now thriving in. Not surprisingly, she displayed a strong and disciplined work ethic and developed into my best student. Ellen discussed with me her business plan over the course of this time. When she approached me about possible introductions, I did not hesitate to arrange them. When she was afforded the opportunities, she presented herself professionally and her culinary creations skillfully. Needless to say, Ellen was a hit both in and out of the kitchen. I might add that this kitchen I refer to, was at first in her shared apartment and then in the basement kitchen of a church. I have watched as Ellen’s passion, dedication and resourcefulness have led her to success. She challenges herself and others to learn, with an ever present and infectious smile and personality. It is with admiration

Lawrence Gleckel

It is with great pride I write with this letter of recommendation for Ellen Postolowski. For nearly 30 years we have been close personal friends. During that time I have been both influenced and inspired by Ellen’s dedication and commitment. I have witnessed Ellen’s journey with food beginning with a dessert company she called “Sweet Surrender.” My family would share Ellen’s desserts on holidays and would frequently visit the coffee shops and cafes that sold her desserts. Over time Ellen began to graduate more towards food. I was fortunate enough to indulge in wonderful soups, dumplings and other delicious creations while Ellen perfected her craft. Personally, I believe it is a strong sense of family values at the core of Ellen’s drive. Her motivation is born from kindness and generosity. It is those times sharing a meal with friends and family where Ellen finds her happiness. About 10 years ago, Ellen began cooking and packaging meals for me in an effort to help me lower my cholesterol. I have since learned the proper way to eat and have been able to maintain a healthy diet. Ellen is truly one of a kind. She has an incredible drive and has a passion for healthy eating. I feel blessed to have her in my life and proud to have her as my friend.

Howard Van Natta

Chef Ellen, has created delicious and nutritious meals for me and my son for several years. I have enjoyed interacting with her and talking about nutrition and exercise too! We have become friends over the years. She has helped with detox diets as well as everyday foods. While I live a very active lifestyle with regular exercise and full days, Ellen has helped by preparing numerous dishes that have really been a boon for my diet, health, schedule and budget! I have a few favorites and although my son is a 15 year old self acclaimed food critic he enjoys most everything from her. I feel much better and have more energy
when I am on track and eat her meals:-)! I highly recommend her book and trying her foods! We all need to eat healthier and Chef Ellen is one person to help accomplish that!!!

Lou Samara

Working with Ellen has been a tremendous experience for me, and in turn, I can bring this knowledge to my family. Not only have I learned how to cook great meals, I have absorbed the progress of shopping and prepping for maximum efficiency. This, in itself, was extremely valuable for me. I've often felt overwhelmed with walking into a supermarket, Ellen made this much more comfortable and less daunting. Her methods and overall navigation of supermarket aisles result in the most productive time spent. From the supermarket, we brought our purchases into my kitchen and prepared nutritious food for several days. Learning trade secrets from a professional chef has changed the way I view, shop, prep, and cook meals. Her efforts are exceptional. Ellen brings informative results in enjoyable ways.

Lawrence Deluise

Thank you for my 21 day journey to reset “me”...so grateful for your organized plan, healthy samples and positive approach...more than an understanding of plant based...eating to nurture myself and to rid myself of the unhealthy cravings...turning discomfort into growth...a gift everyone should give themselves

Denise B

Participating in this group has educated me about food and has motivated me to take better care of myself which starts with what you eat—-and how you treat your body (from a run, to a massage or meditation...). You taught me about what to put on my plate (and why) as well as paying attention to how you feel both during and after you eat.

A plant based and gluten free diet is awesome. There is such variety and so many dishes to offer. I love trying different spices—all while making sure that vegetables are the start of the plate. As you know, I love to cook so it’s truly been fun to think about each meal and switch it up. I found it helpful that you provided some of the food as well as additional suggestions and guidance in terms of what to grab from the store.

Thank you so much for your patience- for taking my calls- and answering my questions. I am down 8 lbs in ~23 days and feel awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I’m inspired to keep this going - 90% of the time. Like you said, if I’m at a wedding and want the meatball slider, do it. But, somethings changed in that...I’m not even sure I’d want it!

Thank you, again, so much for guiding and inspiring me. I see and feel results everyday and truly cannot wait until a few months from now. I’m always happy to give a testimonial on your behalf or advocate for you in any way!


When faced with the challenges of business and family, I found that my
husband and I did not have the time to shop or prepare appropriate meals for our children. Relying on take-out food or haphazard meals was simply not going work. When we finally decided to hire Ellen, it eliminated the stress and anxiety of making certain our weekday meals were always ready. She was an absolute delight to work with and always accommodating to our food choices while mindful of healthy ingredients. We especially loved her chocolate chip cookies (right out of the freezer)!

Linda Zahn & Family

Ellen, I can't tell you how great it is to have your "special soups and dinners" tucked in my fridge and freezer. It's so nice to know I have something tasty, healthy and easy to prepare for dinner on those work days that sometimes go longer than planned.

Linda L Dator

Thank you Ellen for your support and guidance through the 3 week RESET program. I have less joint pain, more energy and a new knowledge of food labels and harmful ingredients. I was a bit overwhelmed in the beginning but took it day by day with Ellen's reassurance and was able to complete the 3 weeks successfully. Knowledge is power. Preparation is key. I continue to explore new foods and am enjoying this new journey!

Jeanine Dawkins
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