If you change nothing, nothing will change


What is an Integrative Wellness Educator?

I am a supportive mentor who helps clients feel their best through food and lifestyle changes. Offered in my programs are personalized, one-on-one practices of encouragement and comprehensive hands-on nutrition to implement positive, sustainable lifestyle transformation.

Education and encouragement

Knowledge and new perspectives

Sustainable accountability with results that last

Nutrition Counseling

Everything here happens within your comfort zone. We can take baby steps and jump right in making lasting changes 

Mindful Menu Planning

Pantry Makeover

Nutritional Accountability

Private Chef Services

Enjoy the luxury of nutritious home-cooked meals in the comfort of your home. With your initial help I plan meals, shop, cook and clean up. I possess a wide variety of culinary styles to offer a personalized experience. Breakfast, lunch dinner, dietary restrictions, pantry makeover, picky kids, meal planning, efficient shopping, and private lessons if that interests you or family members. 

Menu planning and development

Sourcing of nutrient dense foods


Preparation, service and clean up

Advisor and Advocate of Functional Nutrition

Recognizing, Respecting & Treating Bio-Individuality


Digestive Health


Cutting Sugar


Brain/Heart Health


Feeding Your Family In The Most Optimal Way


Integrative Practices


Elimination Diets

Support Systems

Bone Health

Balancing Lifestyle Choices

Define and manifest your goals

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