Mixed Herb Pesto

This is a simple and easy way to make a pesto-type sauce for many different uses. This is delicious on any roasted vegetables, baked, mashed, or steamed potatoes. I would drizzle some after you roast with a bit of salt and pepper to finish. I’ve used this in vinaigrettes and blended a couple teaspoons with broth and vegan cheese to create a creamy sauce for a pasta dish. This pesto would make an excellent base for a pizza in addition to a flavoring for an impromptu soup. There are tons of flavors in addition to healing benefits in fresh herbs. I encourage making extra and freezing leftovers in ice trays or smaller containers to always have this on hand.

Take a bunch (two handfuls) of fresh basil (basil is your main ingredient, fresh oregano (half a handful), fresh sage (5-6 leaves), and two sprigs (no stems) of fresh rosemary. Char the rosemary before it goes into the blender with the torch or over a stove flame. Just enough to make it crackle and brown it. This will keep it from overpowering the blend and adds a nice smokey flavor.

In a high-powered blender mix all herbs with 1/4 C of olive oil until you get a smooth pesto consistency. Season with salt, and pepper to taste.

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