If It Doesn't Feel Good, Change It


My name is Ellen Postolowski.

I have spent most of my career assisting my clients with changes needed to implement and succeed in establishing a healthier lifestyle.

My personal struggle with food, illnesses, and leading a more fulfilling life led me on this path. Twenty-five years in the culinary world in addition to certification at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition has elevated that experience and passion for helping those that are ready for change.

Finding the mind/body connection is equally as important as to what’s on your plate. A back to basics approach, common sense, commitment to that lifestyle, consistency, and being accountable is my outline offered. There is not a cure-all solution that works for everyone. Reclaiming yourself with my support provides solutions that make for life long changes.

Progress Not Perfection

Stand in the truth of who you are

Mindful Progression


Small Steps Lead to Lead to Giant Leaps

Facere, amet illo architecto nec.

~Reclaim yourself and implement radical self-care

~There is a difference between caring and being a care-giver

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