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Chef Ellen

“One of my passions in life is food. I have been fortunate enough to build on this and turn it into a career. That passion has brought about my current occupation as a personal chef and cookbook author”.


-Ellen Postolowski


Customer Reviews

It is easy to make something that is delicious to eat. The downfall of that could be all the added fat and calories. Growing up, I used to take pride in the fact that my best friend, Jessica, and I were “customer of the month” at Taco Bell.  This story still keeps me laughing and makes Ellen cringe. Ellen’s passion for healthier options is so confidently presented that I can admit to turning over a new leaf where nutrition is concerned.

Healthy eating habits start at home

Most importantly, she is providing my three children with the proper tools and information needed to make those appropriate choices. My friends are in awe when they witness the interest my children take in food, the diversity of foods they consume, and the fact that they actually like it. Ellen finds yummy ways to introduce and keep my children interested in the better choices. They actually want to eat what is healthier.  They are genuinely interested in the process. She takes pride in preparing meals that are delicious and nutritious. You almost forget the fact that you are eating meals that are healthier until she reminds you. She enjoys doing that; however, it is nice to see and be reminded of the benefits you reap from a healthier lifestyle.

We are truly excited about this book. It is a must have and an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to eat better.

Joumana Kidd, February 2008


page 117


Editorial Reviews

Ellen Postolowski demonstrates her personal chef skills with a non-preaching attitude. In It’s Just Personal, Ellen takes you into the world of a personal chef with

It’s Just Personal by Chef Ellen Postolowski

an open mind towards health, fitness, and food. She provides the essential information and basic 101 on eating right. It’s Just Personal is Ellen’s condensed version of the experiences with clients as well as her own journey (including failures) where health is concerned.

It’s Just Personal is an easy-to-read guide that offers pointers for better eating habits, help with organization in the kitchen, shopping guidelines, and fun tips and techniques for more efficiency at mealtime. She has re-invented the average meal with her delicious recipes. She also offers advice and suggestions to parents trying to make better eaters of a nation of children sinking in obesity. Ellen has also included a chapter on college-bound children, so they can maintain their health and continue proper eating while not under a parent’s supervision.

“It’s Just Personal” autographed! Click on Buy Now link below.

Price: $15.00